Virtual Breakfast Club. Ideas to Curb the Corona Crisis.

The current global pandemic has forced businesses all over the world to rethink their business model and strategy in dealing with the new realities.

In this limbo of uncertainty, resilience and creativity is key to survival. Therefore, we are happy to host this virtual Breakfast Club where, Chriis and Empirical Spirits will share their experience, troubles, ideas and strategies to curb the C19 crisis.

We hope you want to join our discussion online and take part in an open dialogue about the obstacles and opportunities many companies are facing.

The webinar will be streamed on April 15 from 9.00 am to 10.30 am.

The event will be in Danish.

Who will be talking?

Boon is a Danish tech start-up empowering creators to take their offering online. With people staying inside during the pandemic, more and more creators, entrepreneurs and companies see a great opportunity in to flip their source of income. Co-founder Frederik Galskov shares his perspective on making new streams of revenue for now and tomorrow.




The Danish ice cream company, CHRIIS, is on a mission to make it fun and tasty to eat plant-based. But as the crisis hit, the company couldn’t sell their great products the usual way. Join CEO Jacqueline Hansen and get her perspective on how a small brand might get through the crisis through honesty, transparency and using your network.



Empirical Spirits

Launched in 2017, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen have built a ground-breaking flavour company. Empirical Spirits works on the cutting edge of fermentation and distillation, creating unique and tasty spirits. At our webinar, Mark Emil will be sharing their take on rethinking business in a time of global shut-down.


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