Accelerating Towards New Horizons by Bolstering Our Leadership

Founding Partner Christian Halsted takes on the newly established role as Chief Strategy Officer at EVÉRLAND. A change that reflects more than a new title; it also underlines the growth ambition and international focus of our agency.

“We want EVÉRLAND to become a truly international brand and design agency,” explains Thomas Gamst, CEO & Founding Partner. “Moving forward, Christian will focus more of his energy on driving agency growth by cementing our position in existing markets in addition to unlocking opportunities abroad. An ambition that requires a bolstering of our leadership team and the creation of a new role at the agency.”

Christian will continue working with a number of key clients and engaging in the team’s ongoing development.

“We have a really great team in place, and our strategy offer drives real growth by merging creative thinking and commercial savviness,” adds Christian Halsted, now Chief Strategy Officer at EVÉRLAND. “This is a great moment to enter the next phase for the agency, push some boundaries and have more people know about us.”

Congratulations to EVÉRLAND – and to our new Chief Strategy Officer.