Taking Stock after Six Years of Sparking Happiness

April 2018. We can’t believe it’s already been six years since EVÉRLAND was founded. What a ride! There have been so many great ideas, designs, workshops, strategies, clients, rooftop parties, and awards…

Not that we are counting, but it’s been 2190+ days since founding EVÉRLAND. What have we learned? Where are we going? And what will happen to the industry? Well, we sat down with three partners and asked them four questions.

What has been your greatest learning in the past six years?

Christian Halsted, Chief Strategy Officer & Founding Partner: “Leading with a clear value proposition and focus on consumer branding doesn’t just add more value to our clients, but it also helps us continuously evolve and learn to sharpen our offer, processes and approach to brand and design challenges.”

Carl Larsson, Exec. Creative Director & Partner: “The realisation of the power and joy our team can wield when built on the foundations of respect and ambition. Managing complex projects with our “small” yet independent agency, collaborating with both local and international clients, has been truly impressive. I’m proud to be part of this journey.”

Thomas Gamst, CEO & Founding Partner: “There’s never a dull moment. And hence, the importance of a clear vision, a stretched ambition and a strong set of values, that can help guide you through the journey, with all of the opportunities and obstacles you will face along the way.”

What iconic EVÉRLAND moment stands out in your mind?

Halsted: “Over the past six years, we have been incredibly privileged to work with some of the largest FMCG companies in the world, from Shanghai to Paris, London to Oslo, Singapore to Copenhagen. Our ambition to make a big splash on an international scale has helped us attract world-class talent, and our team has become really top-notch. It has been a truly magnificent realisation.”

Larsson: “The standout EVÉRLAND moment for me is the recognition we’ve earned through hard work, partnering with bold clients, and receiving prestigious awards. This achievement, all while maintaining a strong commercial focus and an anti-snobbism mindset, inspires me. Knowing that we possess the potential to leave an international mark is truly motivating.”

Gamst: “Winning a creative pitch that got us on the global roster for one of the big FMCG companies based in Paris. That really felt like proof of concept and raised the bar for our international ambitions.”

Where do you see the FMCG industry going?

Halsted: “We will continue to see more competition and innovation in the market. I believe climate and health – especially as a result of weight-loss medicines and changing lifestyle patterns – will be key focus areas for many FMCG brands going forward. And if it isn’t, it should be.”

Larsson: “I envision the FMCG industry becoming even more agile and curious in the coming years, actively seeking new solutions to navigate emerging challenges and opportunities. The impact of cultural diversity is evident, fostering interesting expressions and the rise of upcoming brands. Established brands carry the responsibility to take the lead in embracing emerging trends. I believe the future will witness an increase in limited edition, niche products, and creative, fun ideas.”

Gamst: “Always somewhere new. And that’s really what I love about FMCG. The fast-paced dynamics and constant change in consumer sentiments that reflect trends and culture and force brands to look wide and ahead to stay relevant.”

What do you predict will happen for EVÉRLAND in the next six years?

Halsted: “We’re only as good as our latest work. Any agency is. We will stick to the game plan and continue to push for better. Learning and evolving is the recipe for success. And hard work, of course :-)”

Larsson: “EVÉRLAND is a constant work in progress, with continuous improvement and expansion of our expertise by discovering new talents and collaborators. The solid foundation we’ve built, together with our ambitious vision, serves as a perfect springboard for our evolution.”

Gamst: “Something unpredictable for sure, but guided by our strategic foundation and appetite for more.”