Den Gamlé Fabrik

The Fruits of
Craft and Pride

Deliverables: Packaging Redesign

Quality is a guiding star for Den Gamle Fabrik. It is the first and last ingredient in every single batch of jam and a modus operandi since 1834. High quality is what has made them the favourite marmalade among Danes.

The process is the same today as it was back then. Berries and fruits are carefully chosen, boiled in open vessels and carefully put into the iconic glass jars. The result is an exquisite jam with a taste like the sweet summer sun.

Love at First Sight, Again

To make all young and old fall in love with Den Gamle Fabrik (again), we helped Orkla Foods define and design a brand universe revolving around their heritage, craftsmanship and delicious berries and fresh fruits. So, when you look at the jar and taste the jam, you can feel the result of centuries of hard work and the weight of traditions that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

“We are overjoyed that EVERLAND managed to make us modern while still honouring our legacy. We are immensely proud of our history and feared in what direction a new design would take us, but with EVERLAND, we have a timeless, classy, and delicate look.”

Nya Calmer, Brand Manager at Orkla Foods