Deliverables: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Battery Design, Communication Concept, Brand Strategy, Consumer Insights

GP is a Hong Kong-based producer of batteries, chargers, portable electronics and power banks. It is the third-largest battery producer in the world. GP wants to pioneer rechargeable batteries, but previous product experience has given rechargeable batteries a poor reputation. Consequently, GP decided to reinvent the category entirely, break free from outdated battery legacy and reinvent its Recyko brand with universal consumer appeal.

Rethink. Recharge. Recyko.

It is no easy task, especially not in the category of FMCG. Add to the challenge a new brand capable of transcending culture, language and nationality. However, in a category dominated by masculine power, lighting bolts, and pink bunnies, EVÉRLAND and Kontrapunkt flipped the category on its head and created a brand that speaks human, sparks curiosity, and is easy to recognise.

“Recyko is a game-changer and a true challenger brand. How do we unleash the potential of rechargeable batteries? Of course, sustainability is key, but why not rethink the role of batteries altogether? That was the thinking we applied, and the collaboration with GP has been a journey of shared ambition; to reshape the category for good.”

Christian Halsted, Chief Strategy Officer & Founding Partner at EVÉRLAND

Consumer-Friendly Design

The new design universe breaks with the standardised category language. The plain white design with an iconic green circle pops out on shelves usually covered in black, blue, and shiny gold. Even the standard copy on battery packs is boiled down to an absolute minimum, with a single sentence supporting the overall brand message. Finally, the green circle communicates sustainability in all its simplicity. Because sometimes, you don’t have to shout to get your message across.

Welcome to the battery of the future. Welcome to Recyko.