Raw Perféction

Pure. Proud.

Deliverables: Packaging Redesign, Communication, Brand Naming


The Dieline Feature

Nature. Untouched, untamed, yet ever-changing. The Swedish cosmetic brand Raw Perfection extracts beauty and inspiration from its serenity, symmetry, and chaos. It is a high-end, vegan, and science-backed formula – a complicated product with a simple mission: celebrating natural beauty.

Since 2020, Raw Perfection has never compromised in quality or the winning formula. Removing all toxic elements and expelling redundant contents, all while drawing power from the pure. Together, we applied the same mentality to their new brand universe. We celebrated the raw and the immaculate. We made less more.

Harnessing the Rawness

Like in nature, all unnecessary elements must be discarded. Strip it down to the bare essentials. Our approach to this design led us to a pure and purposeful brand identity. We harnessed the rawness and found beauty in the detail. The illustrations are angular, while colours and textures come off as raw and rough. It’s pure, proud and powerful, just like Mother Nature.

“The design concept for Raw Perfection celebrates natural beauty with all its imperfections. Honest and powerful, we celebrate all stages of life. How it ought to be.”

Carl Johan Larsson, Creative Director & Partner at EVÉRLAND