RÉMA 1000

High Quality,
Low Prices

Today, consumers are expecting more from brands. They expect sustainable production, social responsibility, and even a political stance. With the increase in demands, you would expect consumers would be willing to pay more for the goods they buy. That is not the case. The trend is increased expectations and lower spendings.

This development comes from more informed consumers crossed with immense competition. But where some brands might struggle to meet consumer demands, others naturally flourish. The discount supermarket, REMA 1000, is one of them. They offer high-quality products at low prices, which has turned them into one of the favorite discount supermarkets in Denmark and Norway.

Being in control of much of its own production supply, REMA 1000 can limit production costs, keep it environmentally friendly, and still offer the same low prices as always. A revised product design highlights the underlying simplicity and honesty, which is an integrated part of all aspects of this retailer business. The packaging design cemented REMA 1000’s position as a trustworthy retailer, which offers high-quality products to low prices.

The design won a Vertex Award in 2019 and looking back, the collaboration in Denmark paved the way for a long and futile partnership for years to come.