Three for the Everyday Essentials at Vertex Awards 2023

[insert confetti canons]. Energy is still high at the office from when we heard our design for REMA 1000 in Norway won three The Vertex Awards. One silver award for the overall rebrand, one silver in the International/Specialty Food category and a gold prize in the Frozen Food category.

Since 2012, the international award has honoured innovative private labels “that demonstrate groundbreaking design solutions to consumer problems.”

“We’re flattered and excited about winning at this year’s Vertex Award”, adds Mikael Tonning, Executive Design Director and Partner at EVÉRLAND. “High-fives all around, both at EVERLAND and, of course, REMA 1000, our ambitious client. This result shows how design can deliver a better consumer experience and facilitate commercial ambitions.”

In 2019, we also took home a Vertex Award. Then, it was for our collaboration with REMA 1000 in Denmark when we helped redesign all its private-label brands.

Check out our case studies on each project here:

REMA 1000 Denmark

REMA 1000 Norway