Urban Kind

Shield Yourself.
Heal Yourself.

Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Life in the city is a life on the move. To thrive, you must adapt and take time to care for yourself. Swedish skincare brand, Urban Kind, is on a mission to support and preserve those living in the big city jungle. We helped them help others protect their precious skin which faces bombardments every single day. A new brand positioning, name, and identity arms the new brand with the necessary means for growth and success.

“Our brand is our armour, and EVÉRLAND made it elegant, shiny and beautiful. It truly reflects our ambition and vision. Now, it's time to take the shield to cities all over the world.”

Peter Ternström, CEO and Founder of Urban Kind

Thriving in the Concrete Jungle

Urban Kind is by urban people for urban people. In speaking with their peers, the new brand needed to reflect democratic values, self-care, and a natural feel. We distilled this ambition into a brand that holds international potential and reflects its Nordic heritage. Urban Kind’s simple design elements effectively guide consumers through a good skincare routine so everyone is protected and preserved while surviving another day in the urban jungle.